Ty Hoesgen releases long-awaited new book Teaching Professionals How to Master Communication Skills


Hoesgen’s new book, Elite Communication Skills for Young Professionals, shows readers how to accelerate career success using communication and people skills.

Ty Hoesgen is the founder of the Advanced Growth Institute (AGI), a communication skills training organization, and now he has officially launched his new book – Elite Communication Skills for Young Professionals.

Elite Communication Skills for Young Professionals teaches growth-minded people practical, science-based strategies to gain more respect, connect more deeply with others, make life easier in the workplace, and accelerate their career progression.

The book is currently available at www.tysnewbook.com.

Motivated by his past struggles (which he vulnerably addresses throughout the novel), Hoesgen spent many years and thousands of hours reading, researching, practicing, and experimenting in order to master the world of communication.

Determined to make the journeys of others less painful than his own, Hoesgen is focused on creating practical and entertaining resources that make growth and transformation faster, easier and more enjoyable.

This is exactly what has been accomplished in Elite Communication Skills for Young Professionals.

Science and research are combined with humor and entertainment in a way that facilitates learning to communicate. . . well, surprisingly nice.

The book covers how to master body language, read nonverbal cues, ask questions to extract information, deliver impactful presentations, speak up in meetings, write persuasively, optimize every video call, and more.

The richest and smartest businessmen in the world agree that the power of communication is undeniable.

Warren Buffet says, “The only easy way to gain 50% more value than what you are worth now, at least, is to hone your communication skills, both written and spoken. If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark: nothing happens. You can have all the gray matter in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it.

Through the Advanced Growth Institute, Hoesgen also offers corporate training and speaking engagements. Participants learn highly effective, science-backed communication strategies to better succeed in each respective position.

Hoesgen shares verbal and non-verbal tools to strengthen professional relationships, build trust and influence, and better connect with clients, colleagues, and customers.

Depending on an organization’s goals, Hoesgen is also known to customize presentations based on what each team needs most.

In addition, private coaching programs are offered for people looking for more personal and professional success.

Hoesgen and AGI work closely with clients on communication and people skills to overcome specific challenges and achieve unique goals.

More information can be found at https://www.advancedgrowthinstitute.com/

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