Time management and good mentoring: the secret of professionals who have realized their IAS dream


Tips for Passing the UPSC Exam While Working: Kiran PB, Fortune IAS Academy (AIR 100 and All India Interview Topper)

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the most competitive exams in India to choose the leaders of tomorrow to maintain transparency in the workings of government. The IAS exams are held every year and are the most prestigious exam and the increase in the number of aspirants shows the enthusiasm among young people.

Public service as a career choice requires a lot of dedication, time management and a well-organized routine for quick execution. Not everyone is well equipped or privileged in life to manage their routine with work or college. To adapt to these habits and develop an achievable plan, we need ongoing support. Three toppers who made their IAS dream come true with work share their time management tips and the role played by their alma mater – Fortune IAS Academy in Trivandrum.

One of the most cited reasons for not pursuing IAS dreams is lack of awareness, lack of accessible advice, and unavailability of a program that allows you to balance work and study. To fill this gap, the Fortune IAS Academy which has mentored over 270 young aspirants including Kiran PB (AIR 100 and All India Interview Topper) in the civil service is launching a batch of fully online working professionals. Classes are run by expert teachers and times are conveniently set from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekday evenings and 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on weekends. Additionally, video recordings are available in case one misses any of the live online classes, as time management is a major challenge for working professionals.

Here’s what Kiran has to say

Kiran PB, who recently passed his UPSC exam and scored 100th, is an IT professional with 10 years of working experience in an IT company in Kerala. Asked about his success story, he said: “My journey hasn’t been extraordinary. It was like any other working professional, who dreams of working for the country and the best way to achieve this goal was to pass the UPSC exams.

“Before you jump into UPSC prep, you need to figure out what works for you and what coaching meets your demands. Once that’s done, you can start setting your daily goals and setting a schedule for yourself. For me, I went up to Fortune IAS Academy also because I knew Muni Darsan VG which is a faculty of public administration and my reference person all these years. He was the driving force and always gave perspective to my thoughts,” adds Kiran when asked how he started the journey.

Regarding his daily schedule, Kiran says, “During pre-covid times, I would start my day at five in the morning and study for about three hours and two hours at night. Ideally, five hours is enough on weekdays, as I used to spend hours at Fortune IAS academy on weekends solving MCQs, reading and reviewing topics.

“Few of us are lucky enough to study under the right mentorship and Muni Darsan sir paved the way for me to thrive in my respective field. He always insisted on reading what was needed and not wasting unnecessary time doing the research work. For the main sector, the minimalist reading of limited textbooks and practicing test series were the real changes for me,” says Kiran PB.

Asked about stress management, Kiran replied, “People usually ask me if I was nervous or stressed all this time. Without beating around the bush, I would just tell them to build a stronger plan B first. Having a solid backup plan is a must to stay focused and clear on our next move. In my case, my job was the safety net that saved me from psychological hassle.

Previous Toppers Time Management Technique

Kiran seniors at the Fortune IAS Academy who earned the IAS while being working professionals include Ashish Das and Yashni Nagrajan. Ashish Das who made the inspiring career change from firefighter to IAS officer while Yashni was a manager at RBI.

A proper study schedule and as such was not possible because being firefighters we cannot predict what will happen the next moment. So, I just accepted the situation and made plans for it. I focused on finishing content rather than a fixed time schedule. It helped me come up with innovative measures to complete the task,” says Ashish Das when asked about this study program.

“It’s good to have the support of a dedicated team like Fortune who can guide you on what to study and how to study so you don’t waste time,” Ashish says in this video where he offers his advice to working professionals pursuing public service. dreams.

“Making a study schedule was something that I thought worked in my favor.” says Yashni Nagarajan, All India Rank 57 who passed the exam while working as a manager at RBI. “I made it a point to spend 4 hours after work a day and often tried to read the papers during lunch breaks at the office. Weekends were mostly spent in the Fortune Reading Room reviewing completed games at the course of the week,” Yashni continues of her time management techniques.

For more details on the online course at Fortune IAS Academy, please visit https://fortuneias.com/cs-online/

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