Interview. How a sports coach became an architect and designer


During his career as a sports teacher, David Dalidec turned to a new interest: bioclimatic construction and eco-design.

When David Dalidecfell ill, he and his wife moved from downtown Bordeaux to the countryside where David built his family a bioclimatic home in 2011. He had already begun a career transformation as a sports teacher, having returned to university to study interior design in 2009. In fact, the trip stemmed from a conversation he had with his close friend Thierry Marxa well-known French culinary chef who spent five years on a TV show called Top Chef and owns several restaurants.

During Dalidec’s many years as a sports teacher, he expressed his disinterest in the career to his friend Thierry Marx who told him to change it – yet changing careers, in France, is rare. “Open the doors,” Marx told him, so he did.

“I was passionate about decoration and interior architecture, so I decided to study at Boulle“, David Dalidec told ArchiExpo e-Magazine in a telephone interview. “A few years ago, my wife who was pregnant at 27 went back to school; I told myself that if she could do it in such circumstances, I could.

His jump, to open the doors according to Marx, is an example for others who wonder about their careers. He wanted to show his fellow citizens that anything is possible and he achieved his goal.

“It’s possible to change jobs, change lives and succeed,” said David Dalidec. “It’s like a nod to everyone because anyone can do it.”

The agency team – The ecolodges of Golf des Graves and Sauternes. Photo credit: @maximegautierphotographe
The bioclimatic house of David Dalidec. Courtesy of the agency.
The bioclimatic house of David Dalidec. Courtesy of the agency.
The bioclimatic house of David Dalidec. Courtesy of the agency.

Especially in France where the idea of ​​choosing a professional path is anchored in the mind of a child at 12, the example given by David Dalidec is a lesson in life. Dalidec, who was interested in sport from an early age, turned to a career as a sports teacher. He followed the methodology until the day he woke up to realize he didn’t like it, that it wasn’t his true calling.

“In France, we put people in boxes where they are not supposed to go out,” he said. “We still have codes and protocols; even if the barriers have to be broken down, it is possible. If you change jobs, you can be successful.

As difficult as it is to go back to school at 32, an age when financial responsibilities can get in the way of study time, Dalidec’s journey turns the ideological dream of changing careers into reality. His three-year course of study at the Ecole Boulle led to the creation of his agency in 2013. It is perhaps directly linked to Dalidec’s atypical career that his agency stands out in the world of design with projects rooted in the beginnings of certain trends, such as biophilia design and tiny living.

Surrounded by friends and family in the restaurant business, Dalidec quickly received a proposal to carry out the interior design of a restaurant. One after another, the portfolio of restoration projects grew to the point of making them an important part of the agency’s work. One of the agency’s latest projects is the newly opened restaurant Monzu in Bordeaux which has been labeled as the most Instagrammable restaurant in the city since the beginning of the year.

Monzu, Bordeaux. Photo credit: @maximegautierphotographe
Monzu, Bordeaux. Photo credit: @maximegautierphotographe

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If the agency begins its portfolio with the design and construction of villas, stone buildings and the renovation of castles, it is then enriched with projects in the catering, hotel and bar-brasserie sectors. , offices and yachts. Regardless of the sector of a project, the agency has always had an ecological approach in which the well-being of people and the planet comes first. Dalidec relies on a team of specialists, made up of architects, designers and a building economist, who work together to contribute to a change in modes of operation and thinking with the aim of supporting the ecological transition in the world of design.

Rehabilitation of the “Ville de Bordeaux” boat. The oldest day trip boat in Port de la Lune! The David Dalidec Agency’s mission is to offer him an exceptional makeover. Installed along the Quai des Bassins à Flot, opposite the Café Oz Bordeaux, this new space should see the light of day in early 2023 and will participate in the development of the Bassins à Flot district. Photo credit: @maximegautierphotographe

They have created an environmental quality charter and encourage their partners to adhere to it. After selecting the most environmentally friendly projects possible, they identify the companies closest to each project, as with local materials, in order to limit their carbon footprint. Recognizing today’s environmental consciousness, Dalidec has seen a growing acceptance from customers to pay a few extra Euros in order to enjoy spending time in a beautiful yet eco-friendly venue.

“There is an economic chain behind it. We create jobs for manufacturers in France, without falling into protectionism, by requiring companies that work with us to source 60% locally.

While the agency works with a number of its favorite brands to supply furniture for its interior design projects, the team also designs its own. Years of crafting and manufacturing furniture have led the agency to create its own Made in France furniture brand which will be launched in September with a premiere at Maison&Objet Paris in January 2023.

The agency is creating its own Made in France furniture brand which will be launched in September with a premiere at Maison&Objet Paris in January 2023.


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