High School Sports: Coach pleased with Bison’s surprise home titles (5/3/22)


McCook freshman Brooklyn Gillen

RB Headley/McCook Gazette

McCOOK, Neb. –A few more comments from coach Matt Wiemers after his tennis girls McCook High won Saturday’s five-team home invite.

The tournament picked up some big wins with freshman Brooklyn Gillen and Roslyn Wiemers winning the No. 1 doubles at 5-0.

Senior Amalia Amanza won the No. 2 singles title. Senior Carley Peters and junior Jaci Meyers teamed up for a 5-0 title for second place in doubles.

Rowen Wiemers and Laci Stewart were undefeated at No. 3 in doubles champions, as did Joslyn Hammond Sr. at No. 1 in singles.

Coach Wiemers offered these ideas:

“Brooklynn and Roslyn have been playing really well. They’ve been improving every week and are definitely on their way to becoming solid, up-and-coming players.

Their playing styles complement each other well, which makes them such great partners.

In first year, they took advantage of all the opportunities that were offered to them.

We can’t wait to see what next year brings for these two.

Carley and Jaci continue to compete well together and have consistently in every game they play.

They work so well together and are very competitive girls. They have big games ahead of them, but they are excited to step onto the pitch.

Rowen and Laci had little trouble winning their split.

Like other doubles teams, they play well together and have complementary styles of play. They haven’t had many defeats this season and are showing a lot of promise for next season. They will travel with the team for the remainder of the season and serve as our state back-ups.

Joslyn competed well, but got a tough test from Scottsbluff.

She went down early but fought back, only to see Scottsbluff regain momentum to go up 7-4.

But Joslyn stayed focused and became the most consistent player. After pushing the game into a tiebreaker, Josyln jumped in early for a big 4-1 lead and never looked back. Very good comeback win.

Teams: 1. McCook 44, 2. McCook/Scottsbluff 36, 3. Scottsbluff 31, 4. North Platte 17, 5. Gering 2.

No. 1 singles

Champion: Joslyn Hammond, MC, 5-0; Runner-up: Jenicca Spencer, MC/SB, 4-1; Scottbluff 2-2; North Platte 1-3; Gering 0-4.

No. 2 singles

Champion: Amalia Amanza, MC, 4-1; Runner-up: Jessica Davis, SCOTLAND, 3-1; Carsyn Craig, MC, 2-2; North Platte 1-3; Gering 0-4.

No. 1 in doubles

Champion: Roslyn Wiemers/Brooklyn Gillen, MC, 5-0; Runner-up: Abbie Johnson/Izzy Clause, MC, 4-1; Scottbluff 2-2; North Platte 1-3; Gering 0-4.

No. 2 Doubles

Champions: Carley Peters/Jaci Meyers, MC, 5-0; Runner-up: Abby Harvey/Aspyn Andreas, SCOTLAND, 3-1; North Platte 2-2; Gering 1-3; Scottbluff 0-4.

No. 3 doubles

Champion: Rowen Wiemers/Laci Stewart, MC, 5-0; Runner-up: Haley Thomalla/Abby Roberts, SCOTLAND, 3-1; Scottbluff 2-2; North Platte 1-3; Gering 0-4.


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