Conditions of Credit Redemption

You want to contact a credit redemption organization. First and foremost, here are the terms of credit redemption to know to optimize the chances of having an agreement.

Do not wait, a credit redemption or credit consolidation can allow you to balance your budget again.

Get a grouping of credits easily


When you apply for a loan redemption, such as for a loan application, you must enter your monthly income, your mortgage or rent charges and all your consumer loans, revolving credits and overdrafts on your loans. bank accounts.
If you are not a civil servant, you will have to be a permanent employee or retired.

There are also loan buybacks for the liberal professions, tradesman and craftsman with a minimum of 2 years. In some cases, it is possible to withhold CDD income if the spouse is on a permanent contract or a civil servant or retired.

Applying to a credit broker

Applying to a credit broker

It is best because you are with a credit repurchase professional who is familiar with the acceptance criteria. You save time and you are well-advised.

For homeowners and first-time buyers:

You can keep your mortgage, take over expensive online loans, personal loans (including prepayment penalties of 1% for loans with outstanding capital over $ 10,000), overdrafts and cash for your projects if you wish.

The maximum amount is $ 200,000 for a maximum period of 15 years. A repurchase of credit with unpaid is quite possible and very common. Do not exceed 25 releases in the last 3 months of account statements. You must not have a debt greater than 90%. Do not hold more than 15 lines of credit.

For tenants or persons accommodated free of charge by the family:

You must be up to date in the payment of your rent. If possible, you must not have a debit (credit or other) on your last 3 months of account statements (the maximum allowed is 5 regularized discharges). The maximum amount is $ 100,000 over a maximum period of 12 years.

Make a real estate loan redemption

Make a real estate loan redemption

This implies that there will be a mortgage on your house. It can be a repurchase of credit. The advantage is that it will include all your credits and that the fixed rate will below.

For this credit redemption: the conditions:

If you have more than 60% of the mortgage to be taken back, the number of tax debits on the last 3 months of account statement should not exceed 6. If you have less than 60% mortgage loan to resume, the number of discards is not important.

In both cases, one must not exceed 20 lines of credit, nor exceed a debt of 100%. We can not lend you more than the value of your home.
In many cases, it is better to buy a consumer loan and then renegotiate your mortgage.

The conditions for the repurchase of credit are multiple and important and according to each bank. That’s why we are here to answer your questions and study your situation.

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